EXTENDED OST – Guilty of Rebellion & スバルとエミリア ルウシェ(露雪)(白猫プロジェクト角色紀念曲) (東山奈央.CV)

EXTENDED OST –  Guilty of Rebellion & スバルとエミリア ルウシェ(露雪)(白猫プロジェクト角色紀念曲) (東山奈央.CV)

Welcome to my channel, here is my sharing for the selected character – ルウシェ(露雪). She is one of everyone’s favorite saintess in White Cat Project. The first song shows how powerful and beautiful she is as the main fighting BGM of the event.The second song describes how she experiences her life and friendship with her friends and knight (husband). Let’s enjoy watching the whole video. Have a sweet dream and a memorable night with her. For anyone who is new to my channel here , please press the like button for the video and also subscribe to my channel! Appreciate it. 🙏

歡迎來到今日好BGM的分享,這兩首分別是 白猫プロジェクト BGM 叛逆のGuilty – Guilty of Rebellion以及REZERO – ‘スバルとエミリア / Subaru and Emilia’ 的延長版。 為分享與紀念 白貓PROJECT角色 ルウシェ(露雪),所以今次就特別地分享與製作了 今次的紀念曲。第一首係 Guilty of Rebellion時的主BGM,兩首主題REMIX的版本,充滿了好潮與神聖感。 第二首是REZERO的BGM之一,表達了聖女露雪與老公(騎士大人阿修雷的甜蜜夫妻放閃日常。旋律也好窩心溫暖,所以就選用了。今次花了更多時間和心機去編輯的。喜歡/鍾意我的影片分享,請LIKE和歡迎SUBSCRIBE我的CHANNEL。

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