[Monster Universe][Volzerk] First gameplay look (Android ver)(potato phone)

[Monster Universe][Volzerk] First gameplay look (Android ver)(potato phone)

Trying the newest game from Colopl in my potato phone with low setting -_- . The game will be available on steam too. For now it still in Japanese, considering the Term of Service has many language, other language will be added later I guess.

The game is basically just like… Monster Hunter + Pokemon… bruhh…
Seems No gacha this time, But the hero can only be purchased from shop. Premium hero need real money, but from the list, some character could be purchased with ingame currency although it needs a lot of grind. Hope in the future they dd some freebies again.

Gameplay is a bit similar from their famous game Shironeko (I mean, it’s totally dragon rider, lol), with only swipe and hold. Camera movement a bit dull since it’s automatic, but maybe it could be switched to manual. MC made me dejavu with Rose from Tales of Zestiria. It seems there is breeding system, but I havent unlocked maybe.

Too bad the story is not voiced ( ′Д`) There is download all data option around 2 GB , but I doubt it have story voice.

I might continue to play this once it is released on steam.

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