EXTENDED OST – Absolute Secret (BGM Ver.) (First half) & 日々の営み – マタハリ (瑪塔・哈里)(FGO角色紀念曲)

EXTENDED OST –  Absolute Secret (BGM Ver.) (First half)  &  日々の営み –  マタハリ (瑪塔・哈里)(FGO角色紀念曲)

Welcome to my channel, here is my sharing for the selected character – マタハリ (瑪塔・哈里) . She seems to be everyone’s favourite assasin lady in FGO . First song shows how beautiful and how she doing great on her performance and life. Second song describes her beauty, sexy and cute moment, with tender feeling music used. Let’s enjoy watching the whole video. Have a sweet dream and memorable night with her. For anyone who is new to my channel here , please press the like button for the video and also subscribe to my channel! Appreciate it. 🙏

歡迎來到今日好BGM的分享,這兩首分別是 公主連結( Princess Connect! Re_Dive) 的 Absolute Secret (BGM Ver.) (First half)以及白猫プロジェクト 転生したらスライムだった件プロジェクト的 日々の営み的延長版。 為了分享和紀念マタハリ (瑪塔・哈里) 的真香, 可愛。所以就分享了今次的角色紀念曲。第一首係慢向到高潮帶感的神BGM,滿分的帶感,好有奇蹟,美妙的感覺。第二首就係治癒用的BGM,完美地形容了マタハリ (瑪塔・哈里)的形象。輕鬆,窩心,治癒。花了多時間和心機去編輯的。喜歡/鍾意我的影片分享,請LIKE和歡迎SUBSCRIBE我的CHANNEL。

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